The Wisdom of Tibet

By the Dalai Lama
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The Heart of Compassion guides us step by step to an understanding of our human condition and how we can act to achieve a higher fulfillment than pure worldly enjoyment. He helps us create within ourselves the necessary texture of consciousness to live a life of harmony, peace and virtue.This book carefully balances philosophical concepts with a very practical, day-by-day approach to living a spiritual life. Of special note is his clear integration of the teachings of Jesus into his overall world view, showing how all teachings can find their harmony in the ultimate spiritual oneness and truth that underlies them all.

By Fournier & Joudet
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This is the first interactive CD ROM encyclopedia dedicated to the Tibetan people and culture. Tibet evokes images of an ancient tradition, a philosophy, a way of life, religious practices and artistic wonders. The CD ROM contains 2200 photographs and iconographic documents, technical notes, 90 minutes of commentary and 40 minutes of original music.There are six main menus including Himalayan Art, Religious Thought, Tibet, Note Pad, Chronological Table and Iconography. Includes a glossary, slide shows and much more

By Jutta Mattausch
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The “Tibetan Power Yoga” is what the Tibetan Lama Tsering Norbu calls this set of motions that has given the people from the roof of the world physical vitality and mental power into ripe old age since time immemorial. Here is an absorbing story set in distant Tibet, yet could also take place within all of us anywhere in the world since it deals with the journey to the self.

By Gabriele Feyerer
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Padma Basic are herbal tablets made from formulas that stem from Tibetan Medicine and are produced in a small town next to Zürich, not far from the snow capped peaks of the Swiss Alps. The origin of Padma began with the cooperation between Karl Lutz, a Swiss pharmaceutical researcher, and a Polish doctor who was acquainted with Tibetan medicine. They worked out a precise and unique list of indications for these traditional formulas. In a manner that is easily understood, the author reveals the large area of application of this precious remedy for today’s diseases.

By Thomas Dunkenberger
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This book will inform you about the essential correlations and approaches taken by the Tibetan science of healing. It describes the entire spectrum of application possibilities for those who want to study Tibetan medicine and use itfor treatment purposes. At the same time, it provides information about holistic remedies so that interested readers can take action to restore their inner harmony and health.

By Dr. Lobsang Rapgay
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Dr. Lobsang Rapgay is one of the foremost Tibetan doctors in the world today and is also a psychologist. TheTibetan Book of Healing contains many helpful practices, going into diet, herbs and meditation and providing a number of methods and techniques to follow for self-healing purposes. It contains a wealth of information that will make the book a constant companion for those really seeking to improve their state of well- being.