Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Psychology

The Psychic Being:

Soul: Its Nature, Mission and Evolution

by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother

compiled by Dr. A.S. Dalal

223 pp Paper Back
ISBN: 0941524566
The present compilation is an attempt to bring together in one volume the manifold teachings pertaining to the psychic being which are to be found in the numerous works of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. The selections deal with the nature of the psychic being, shedding the light of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother on the inner constitution of the human being and on various related questions such as the process of inner growth, the afterlife, and rebirth.


Meaning and Nature of the Psychic Being
What is Meant by the Psychic Being
Atman, Jivatman and the Psychic
Psychic-Mental, Psychic-Vital
The Double Soul
Nature of the Psychic Being
The Psychic and the Spiritual
Emotion and Love – Vital and Psychic
Knowledge – Mental and Psychic

Role, Function and Action of the Psychic
Function of the Psychic
Influence and Action of the Psychic
Guidance through Organisation of Life
The Psychic Being – Centre for Self-Unification

Growth and Development of the Psychic
Evolution and the Psychic
Process of Psychic Growth and Development

The Psychic Being and Sadhana
Three Steps of Self-Realisation and the Triple Transformation
Becoming Conscious of the Psychic Being – Need for Sadhana
The Psychic Being and Conversion
Psychic Change – First Necessity
Emergence of the Psychic – Bringing Forward the Psychic
The Sunlit Way of the Psychic

The Afterlife and Rebirth
The Process of Rebirth
What Survives after Death and Reincarnates
The Psychic’s Choice and Conditions of Rebirth
Memory of Past Lives

More Lights on the Psychic Being

Glossary / References / Selected Bibliography / Index

Living Within: Yoga Approach to Psychological Health and Growth

by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother

compiled by Dr. A.S. Dalal

179 pp Paper Back
ISBN: 0941524221
Western psychotherapy and the personal growth process has gained considerably from the experience acquired within Eastern traditions. Living Within makes it apparent that there is a great deal more to learn that is of both practical and theoretical value.


The One Way – Quiet, Calm, Peace
Becoming More Conscious
Observation versus Analysis
Using the Will
Rest and Relaxation
Recuperating One’s Energies
Detachment and Rejection
Mental Noise
Obsessive and Compulsive Thoughts
Unruly and Perturbing Thoughts
Boredom and Lack of Energy
Haste and Agitation
Feelings of Inferiority
Transforming the Vital
Rest, Quiet, Goodwill
Will, Discipline, Endurance
Preoccupation with Illness
Faith and Suggestion
Healing the Nerves
How to Deal with the Subconscient
Subconscient Habits
Collective Subconscious Influences
The Psychic – Source of Inner Well-Being
Stepping Back
Becoming Aware of “Oneself’
Self-Observation and Self-Organization
Visualization for Discovering One’s Being
Awakening the Inner Consciousness
Exercising Static Power
Becoming Aware of the Shadow
Mastery Through Attitude
Widening the Consciousness
Dynamic Meditation
Drawing upon Helpful Forces
Self-Recollection – Remembering
Using Life as a Mirror
Establishing Peace in the Mind
Glossary / References / Index

Looking From Within: A Seeker’s Guide to Attitudes for Mastery and Inner Growth

by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother

compiled by Dr. A.S. Dalal

185 pp Paper Back
ISBN: 0941524817
Three chief categories of seekers have been kept in view in selecting passages for this compilation: those who wish to obtain a greater life-mastery; those who, while pursuing the common goals of life, also aim at something beyond the ordinary life and seek to grow towards a higher or spiritual state of being; and those for whom spiritual growth is the primary purpose and occupation of life……


Looking at Life and Circumstances
1. Power of Attitude
2. The Determining Power is Within
3. The Right Spirit
4. Seeking to Know
5. Listening to the Inner Law
6. The Ordinary View of Spiritual Life
7. The Spiritual View of theOrdinary Life
8. Inner State and Outer Circumstances
9. The Meaning of Circumstances
10. Living Within
11.Meditations on Circumstances

Looking at Oneself and Others
1. Discovering a Hidden Treasure
2. Turning to the Coming Light
3. Defects of Others
4. Equality, Goodwill
5. Dealing with Others
6. Sin – A Thing Not in its Right Place
7. Helping Others

Action and Work
1. Acting from Within
2. Choice of Work
3. The Work that Purifies
4. Fatigue and Rest
5. Handling Physical Things

Ordeals and Difficulties
1. Difficulties Across the Path
2. Difficulties – A Help for Realisation
3. Difficulties of the Character
4. Universal Adverse Forces
5. Discouragement and Depression
6. Worry and Perplexity
7. Dryness and Arrest of Progress
8. Illness and Suffering

Attitudes on the Path
I. Quiet, Aspiration and Peace
2. Sincerity
3. Personal Effort and Surrender
4. Confidence, Faith and Trust
5. Patience, Perseverance, Endurance, Cheerfulness
6. Awareness and Vigilance
7. The Witness Attitude – Detachment
8. Rejection
9. Possessing Nothing
10 Physical Body – Food
11. Progress for the Sake of Progress

The Hidden Forces of Life

by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother
compiled by Dr. A.S. Dalal

203 pp Paper Back
ISBN: 0941524604
Dealt with herein are the diverse forces which act on us, determining the course of events, influencing our thoughts, feelings and actions, affecting our moods, health and level of energy, pulling the human being to nether depths or beckoning him towards lofty heights. Also shown are the hidden forces behind evolution and the universal action.


Life through the Eye of the Yogin
Play of Forces
Forces of Action and Reaction and Destiny
Forces in Human Interchange … 16
Human Will, Nature-Force and Divine Will

Hidden Forces Within
The Subconscient, the Subliminal and the Superconscient
The Psychic

Hidden Forces Around
Outside Suggestions and Vibrations
Forces of Our Formations
Forces of Illness and Accident

Cosmic and Universal Forces
Nature and Action of Universal Forces
Universal Vital Force

Occult Forces
Occultism – Science of Hidden Forces
Occult Worlds and Entities
Magic., Miracles and the Planchette

Hidden Worlds and Evolutionary Forces
Existence and Influence of Hidden World
Action of Higher Worlds and Evolution
Supermind – Force of the New World

Spiritual Forces of Help and Succour
Existence of Spiritual Force
The Divine Grace
Life – A Mass of Vibrations

Glossary / References / Index


Flowers and Their Messages

ByThe Mother

List Price: $29.95
309 pp Paper Back
ISBN: 094152468X
By entering into contact with the nature of a flower, its inner truth…one knows what it represents…if you are in contact with it, if you feel it, you can get an impression which may be translated as a thought. There is a kind of identification with the vibration, a perception of the quality that it represents…little by little there occurs a close approach between these vibrations, that are of the vital-emotional order, and the vibration of mental thought.

The Mother puts us in contact with the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical vibrations of flowers and provides insight into how we can contact these energies and permit them to open us up to new forces, thoughts, emotions and directions. Practical psychology at its best.

Sri Aurobindo’s Writings:

Sri Aurobindo was a prolific writer over a wide range of subjects including philosophy, yoga, poetry, human unity and much more. Most of his major works have been published in US editions by Lotus Press.

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Other Relevant Titles:

Our Many Selves: Practical Yogic Psychology

by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother

compiled by Dr. A.S. Dalal

285 pp Paper Back
ISBN: 0940985349
Many of us face the difficulty of trying to change something in our nature, only to find that it is either difficult or virtually impossible. We struggle, try to suppress various actions, only to have these actions rebound on us and cause feelings of failure, shame, guilt or frustration. The key to solving this problem actually lies in a deeper understanding of the true nature of our psychological being. We are actually composed of various different “parts” or “planes” of action that combine together, interact with one another and impinge upon one another. This understanding allows us to differentiate between a mental idea, a force of will, an emotional movement, a vital energy, or a physical structure, and thereby more clearly understand the results of our psychological efforts and growth activities.

Powers Within

by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother

compiled by Dr. A.S. Dalal

196 pp Paper Back
ISBN: 0941524965
The book throws light on the nature of various inner powers which we already possess and use more or less unconsciously, as well as with latent powers within, which are as yet undeveloped. The book is of interest to the general reader as well as to the spiritual seeker.

Psychology, Mental Health and Yoga

by Dr. A.S. Dalal

166 pp Paper Back
ISBN: 0941524647
Essays on Sri Aurobindo’s psychological thought. The implications of yoga for mental health.


Sri Aurobindo and Modern Psychology
Sri Aurobindo and the Concept of the Unconscious in Psychology
Self- Awareness: In Psychology andSri Aurobindo’s Yoga
The Nature of Identification

Psychological Disturbances: A Model Based on Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga
Attitudes, Mental Health and Yoga
Mastery, Mental Health and Yoga
The Healing Power of Peace

Integral Yoga Psychology Metaphysics and Transformation as taught by Sri Aurobindo

Edited by Debashish Banerji

440 pp Paper Back
ISBN: 9781608692392
Integral Yoga Psychology is a new attempt to position the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother within the frame of yoga psychology, as an inquiry related to transpersonal and whole-person psychologies. This book contains 11 essays by leading scholar-practitioners of integral yoga, sketching its possibility-space as a psychology. It attemps this through a hermeneutics of the texts of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, as well as their own and their disciples’ practices and experiences. It also makes a beginning at locating the field in its larger contexts, through comparative, qualitative and empirical studies, as well as probing the clinical possibilities of its models.

Growing Within: Psychology of Inner Development

by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother

compiled by Dr. A.S. Dalal

192 pp Paper Back
ISBN: 094152471X
In essence, evolution is the progressive emergence of higher levels of consciousness. With the appearance of man, evolution has become an increasingly more conscious and accelerated process, in contrast to the pre-human stages. Inner growth is the rapid process of conscious evolution


Section I
Emergence from Unconsciousness
Awakening of Consciousness
Section III
Growth of Consciousness: Basic Requisites
The Teaching – Mental Preparation
The Teacher
Patience and Right Attitude
Section IV
Growth of Consciousness: First Steps
and Foundation
Equanimity and Peace
Section V
Growth of Consciousness: Means and Methods
Many Methods
Bhakti – Devotion
Following One’s Own Path
Section VI
Growth of Consciousness: Difficulties and Pitfalls
Section VII
Growth of Consciousness: Inner Experiences
Section VIII
The Psychic Being and Inner Growth
Section IX
Reversal of Consciousness – The New Birth

Glossary / References / Index


The Yoga of Sleep and Dreams:

The Night-School of Sadhana

by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother

Compiled by Dr. A. S. Dalal

List Price: $7.95
144 pp Paper Back
ISBN: 0940985748
The Yoga of Sleep and Dreams: The Night-School of Sadhana The practice of yoga continues day and night. This book aids the seeker in becoming conscious and turning sleep and dreams into the opportunity for real and substantial progress on the path of yoga. Introduced and compiled by Dr. A.S. Dalal.



I. Sleep: Doorway to Worlds Within

II. Dreams and Dream Experiences

III. Remembering and Understanding Dreams

IV. Sleep, Dreams and Sadhana

Appendix 1: On Dreams

Appendix 2: Three Dreams

Appendix 3: The Mother of Dreams




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